Love Matters, Moonshine Road, Let’s Dance and You’re Mine Released 1/1/2023

Well, I’ve been talking about releasing all this music: My new  albums “Love Matters” and “Moonshine Road” and 3 singles “Love Matters“, “Let’s Dance” and “You’re Mine“, and I just released them all on 1/1/2023 at!

These are songs I’ve written & recorded over the years that I thought I would share while I’m working on more than 5 albums of new songs. I spent a lot of time developing them, recording them, playing them live, etc., so I thought I’d share some of my existing music.


  • I won a Sadie Award for “Best Jingle in Northern California” in 1996.
  • I am a Stage 4 Throat Cancer Survivor, diagnosed in 2012, 2 surgeries, Chemo and Radiation and my voice is back, bigger than ever! I have led worship in church (always a rockin’ praise band!) since 1998 and still lead worship most Sundays at Sebastopol Christian Church at 10am.
  • I am 30 years into ongoing sobriety/recovery after a 20 year drug problem, and I’ve written and recorded my original songs and played in bands since I was 14 years old. MORE ABOUT ME…

I truly hope you enjoy my songs as much as I’ve enjoyed writing, recording, singing and playing these songs that God has inspired in me!

2 New Albums and 3 New Singles?!

Yes! I’m excited to be releasing 2 new albums and 3 new singles on 1/1/2023!  You can check out a preview of all three singles here now.

After a lifetime of working full-time and raising my family, I’m blessed to be retired now, with plenty of time to record the more-than 5 albums of rockin’ original songs I’ve written along the way that I didn’t have time to record!

My Stage 4 Throat Cancer diagnosis in 2012, two surgeries, Chemo and Radiation treatments put my music career on hold for a few years, as well, but I’m fully recovered now, praise God, and I’ve got at least 5+ more albums coming over the next 12-18 months, God willing! Retirement seems to have inspired a whole ‘nother slew of new original songs, pouring out of me right now!

You can check out my new single LOVE MATTERShere. I was inspired to write this song waaaaay before the other “…Matters” slogans began to hit the media in 2020! It’s scheduled for release on 1/1/2023.

You can hear my second single from my album TETELESTI called “YOU’RE MINE” (my first single was from my  TETELESTI album, my original, live Blues/Rock song called PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.) I was blessed when I brought  “YOU’RE MINE” to a Songwriter’s Workshop for critique by Christian rocker Lincoln Brewster (Worship pastor at Bayside Church; formerly with Steve Perry Band) and Brenton Brown (wrote EVERLASTING GOD), and they both said “We wouldn’t change a thing, Don!” Wow! I was floored! I wanted to hear constructive criticism and they gracefully had NONE for me! They did give me a piece of advice about this song and of course I took it, and this is how it turned out!

I’m also releasing an album and a single from my BC days, songs that I have never officially released before! You can check out/download my new single “LET’S DANCE” from MOONSHINE ROAD here!

You can check out all three singles here and I hope you love listening to these songs as much as I loved writing, singing and recording them! And now, I can get busy recording all of my newest songs!

Thank you, my friends, for all of your support over the years and I pray for much more to come, and I look forward to seeing you LIVE soon!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it,


Official release scheduled for 1/1/2023! Click images to hear the pre-release now!
Official album releases slated for January 1, 2023!

Rockin’ Sebastopol Christian Church in Sebastopol CA!

Just a heads up for all the local people:

I have planted myself at Sebastopol Christian Church in Sebastopol for the past year or so and I lead worship, almost every Sunday, each month!

We are Don Cobb-ing some great music on Sunday mornings – rocking some of the world’s greatest Hymns and Contemporary songs, and bringing some of my original songs, as well, from my TETELESTI album and my new soon-to-be-released (any day now!) LOVE MATTERS album!

Sebastopol Christian Church has multi-generational families firmly planted here and Pastor Jim Swaney brings a great message of Hope every week, replete with his great sense of humor and extensive understanding and practical application of Scripture. Pastor Jim is a great teacher from the Pulpit and I think you’ll agree! I believe you will all be blessed to be here, too!

I hope to see you all there soon!

Gratefully, Don

Two New Albums Coming…

Checking in…

JUST A HEADS UP ~ I am about to release two new albums simultaneously, entitled “LOVE MATTERS” and “MOONSHINE ROAD“, my third and fourth albums (with 4 more albums of new songs in the works!). Both albums are primarily recordings of my earlier work , songs & recordings which had not been recorded and released yet. Aiming at a target release date of late Summer/Fall of 2022 (October or November, both albums may be released a little sooner or later than planned).

Many of these songs on the MOONSHINE ROAD album were written and recorded before I  got clean & sober (on 3/23/1992) and came to know Jesus (11/1998), songs which reflect my ‘more casual’ approach to life and living.

The songs on my second new album release, LOVE MATTERS, reflect my post-sobriety, Spiritual awakening stark awareness of the importance of Truth and the importance of forging a close personal relationship with one’s (my) Creator.

Some of these early recordings were recorded in my smaller studios, but they are all genuine reflections of the joy in my heart at the time that I was blessed to be inspired to write and record each one of these songs.

These two new albums will be posted here soon. Please check back, or sign up for notifications on the right side of this page. We’ll never use your information for profit or sell your information to a third party. That’s a promise.

I am also busy recording some of my favorite songs that I wrote when I played with my bands ASSAULT, ROCKAMERICA and JESTER in the Twentieth Century for an upcoming album tentatively called “DON COBB 20“, (20 referring to “20th Century”). These are songs which are some of my personal old school favorites that I’ve written but which I have never recorded in my studio until now. I’ll keep you apprised.

ANOTHER (ALBUM) IRON IN THE FIRE are brand new original Spiritual and Christian songs, songs never recorded due to a lifetime working a 40 hour week and raising an amazing family, which also include a few old Hymns that I’ve taken out, dusted off and made my own (yes, I rock them out!) for a fresh approach to some of the most famous and beloved Hymns known to Man. We’ll let you know when that album is ready for release, as well. 

Thank you all for your interest and support and, as always, be blessed and be a blessing!



Retirement Means More Recording

I retired from the County of Sonoma on August 10th, 2021. After working full time for 44 years, I finally retired from Sonoma County Behavioral Health (Mental Health) and now have time to record the more than 5 albums of original songs I’ve written in just the past 10 years alone. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to take control and I think I like it!

I am currently writing a book about my years working for County government. It’s my experience as a Christian and as a ministry Pastor, working for an almost exclusively Liberal management staff. I’m using the temporary title “A Christian In County Government” and it will be truthful, honest and revealing, as is everything I write.

I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for carrying me through my years at the County, and I thank the Union ESC 21 for protecting my job the entire time.

I was not a big fan of Unions when I was hired by the County (after applying 28 times for positions in Alcohol and Other Drugs Services). In fact, for years I was openly critical of trade Unions, believing that a good work ethic and working hard and being responsible was enough to protect one’s job. But I confess I was wrong about that, where Government employment is concerned, anyway.

I will tell you all about my experience as an employee of County government in my upcoming book “A Christian In County Government”. I’ve been taking notes for years; now it’s time to tell the story… while recording more than 60 songs (5 albums) that I didn’t have time to record while I was working 40 hours a week and raising my family.

I was afraid I might be one of those people we read about who die a week before their retirement starts, but I am praising the Lord that He had OTHER plans for me than that! 🤣


New Don Cobb single “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!”

Click photo for Don’s new single released on 3/16/2020 “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!”

I just released my new LIVE single of “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!, a timely release, to be sure, given the state of affairs in our precious nation right now. Click here to get a copy.

Recorded at The Light Concert House (RIP) by my band TETELESTI, the song is a call to prayer for a nation who needs – and has always needed – heartfelt prayer right now, and now, more than ever.


It’s not just the most famous word ever spoken*… it’s the most fun and progressive Christian Rock/Pop band ever to come out of Sebastopol, California, in the heart of Wine Country – Northern California… and I just dropped my first solo album, entitled TETELESTI.

Don Cobb‘s new album “Tetelesti“ was released on 1/25/2020.

TETELESTI® was founded in 1999 by singer/songwriter/guitarist DON COBB. With unbridled passion for the freedom and love which comes with a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I haven’t wavered a single day on this path that the Lord has laid out for me. I have been playing in original Rock/Pop bands since I was 14 years old, writing, recording, playing live and producing original music non-stop, all this time, and when the Lord blessed me with the inspiration for this band TETELESTI®, the music poured in and out of me without ceasing!

Music is just in me. God has been blessing me with original songs that just show up in my head, full blown sometimes, fully orchestrated with full band arrangements, all at once – BAM! There it is! MY job is to capture it, write it down, record it as quickly as I get it so that I don’t lose that inspiration!

My band TETELESTI® is currently producing 5 albums of original Rock and Pop songs, a musical career disrupted by a Stage 4 Throat Cancer diagnosis in 2012 and several other Life happenings since then. Currently making up for lost time, my first solo album was released on January 25th, 2020.

Currently serving as Contemporary Music Director at the Presbyterian Church of Novato (*Editor’s update 2022: Now leading worship at Sebastopol Christian Church most Sundays) I’m blessed to lead Christian Rock band TETELESTI and a secular Rock band called MOONSHINE ROAD, both out of – you guessed it – Sebastopol, California.

This new album TETELESTI® will be available all over the internet since it has now been released!

*”Tetelesti!®” – pronounced ‘Tuh-TELL-est-eye’ – is the last thing Jesus Christ said before he gave up His life on the cross. An Aramaic term, Tetelesti means “It is finished!” Now you know!

Tetelesti ® All songs © Don Cobb 1999-2022 Don Cobb Music

New Don Cobb Album Release…

Click on photo to get Don’s new single “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!” now

Click on photo to get Don’s new album “TETELESTI” now







What sounds like an excellent representation of Don Cobb’s musical, vocal and songwriting style and production technique and, perhaps most importantly, a genuine reflection of Don’s joyful heart and hopeful encouragement – that is Don Cobb’s new album Tetelesti.

With 5 more albums currently in the works, Don’s second album “Tetelesti” – his first solo effort – covers the broad spectrum that is Don’s life – Love and hope and faith and strength and an incredible love for sharing joyful musical expression, the greatest of these being Love.

Click on the photo to download Don’s new album “Tetelesti”.

A Stage 4 Throat Cancer survivor, Don’s faith and prayer and relationship with the Lord and his community kept him buoyed in 2012 through 2 surgeries, Chemotherapy and Radiation, and here he is, catching up where he left off when he began recording these songs. With nearly 60 songs yet to record, Don is loving this fruitful musical time in his blessed and miraculous life. leading worship every Sunday and praising God every day for his incredibly blessed life.

There truly is something for everyone on Don’s new album, from Rock to Blues to Pop and then some. Check it out for yourself…

MORE NEWS: Don Cobb’s hot new live single Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray just dropped on 3/16 this year, one week before Don’s 28th clean and sober birthday! Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray by Tetelesti was recorded LIVE at The Light Concert House (RIP) in Santa Rosa, and it’s available nowClick  here  to  get  your  copy  of  Don’s  new  single or download Don’s new solo album  Tetelesti.

RGM Graduation 2019 Coming Up!

The annual Redwood Gospel Mission Big Graduation ceremony is coming up on May 4th, 2019! Held at Sant Rosa Bible Church on Badger Road in Santa Rosa, I’m grateful to announce that my band the STRAIGHT UP PRAISE BAND is opening and closing the event with rockin’, joyful praise for what the Lord has done for all of us!

Come and join me and hundreds of our friends as we celebrate as countless men and women, all graduates of RGM’s NEW LIFE RECOVERY PROGRAM, walk the stage and pick up their certificates – lives made new in Christ!

We look forward to seeing you there, singing your hearts out and praising the Lord for setting all of these graduates free this year!

“Estela (I Love That Girl)”

I just checked the date on my “About Leading” post and I was falling in love as I wrote that! I didn’t know I was falling in love or that we were falling in love but that’s exactly what was going on at that time.

Yes – and her name is Estela and just when I had resigned myself to the single life, God brought my sweet Estela to me… on Facebook, of all places!

The funny thing is we both grew up in Sebastopol, California, and I went to school with her sister, but we had never met! Sebastopol is a little town much like Mayberry RFD so we all knew each other and we knew each other‘s brothers and sisters and it’s a miracle that my path did not cross Estela‘s path at some point along the way!

With that all said, we are now madly in love! I was determined to set my bar high and I did, and the Lord brought my sweet Estela! This sweet child of God, this fellow Lover of the Lord met that high bar and set a new, even HIGHER bar! She just stole my heart in a big, big way and my life will never be the same! Thank you Jesus!

As far as the title of this article is concerned, that’s the name of a new song I’ve written for my sweet, smart, magnificent and beautiful Estela.  I’ve already begun recording it and I’ll be releasing it soon! ❤️♥️☝🏻🙏🏻🖐🏻🤚🏻