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What sounds like an excellent representation of Don Cobb’s musical, vocal and songwriting style and production technique and, perhaps most importantly, a genuine reflection of Don’s joyful heart and hopeful encouragement – that is Don Cobb’s new album Tetelesti.

With 5 more albums currently in the works, Don’s second album “Tetelesti” – his first solo effort – covers the broad spectrum that is Don’s life – Love and hope and faith and strength and an incredible love for sharing joyful musical expression, the greatest of these being Love.

Click on the photo to download Don’s new album “Tetelesti”.

A Stage 4 Throat Cancer survivor, Don’s faith and prayer and relationship with the Lord and his community kept him buoyed in 2012 through 2 surgeries, Chemotherapy and Radiation, and here he is, catching up where he left off when he began recording these songs. With nearly 60 songs yet to record, Don is loving this fruitful musical time in his blessed and miraculous life. leading worship every Sunday and praising God every day for his incredibly blessed life.

There truly is something for everyone on Don’s new album, from Rock to Blues to Pop and then some. Check it out for yourself…

MORE NEWS: Don Cobb’s hot new live single Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray just dropped on 3/16 this year, one week before Don’s 28th clean and sober birthday! Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray by Tetelesti was recorded LIVE at The Light Concert House (RIP) in Santa Rosa, and it’s available nowClick  here  to  get  your  copy  of  Don’s  new  single or download Don’s new solo album  Tetelesti.

Retirement Means More Recording

I retired from the County of Sonoma on August 10th, 2021. After working full time for 44 years, I finally retired from Sonoma County Behavioral Health (Mental Health) and now have time to record the more than 5 albums of original songs I’ve written in just the past 10 years alone. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. I’m about to take control and I think I like it!

I am currently writing a book about my years working for County government. It’s my experience as a Christian and as a ministry Pastor, working for an almost exclusively Liberal management staff. I’m using the temporary title “A Christian In County Government” and it will be truthful, honest and revealing, as is everything I write.

I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for carrying me through my years at the County, and I thank the Union ESC 21 for protecting my job the entire time.

I was not a big fan of Unions when I was hired by the County (after applying 28 times for positions in Alcohol and Other Drugs Services). In fact, for years I was openly critical of trade Unions, believing that a good work ethic and working hard and being responsible was enough to protect one’s job. But I confess I was wrong about that, where Government employment is concerned, anyway.

I will tell you all about my experience as an employee of County government in my upcoming book “A Christian In County Government”. I’ve been taking notes for years; now it’s time to tell the story… while recording more than 60 songs (5 albums) that I didn’t have time to record while I was working 40 hours a week and raising my family.

I was afraid I might be one of those people we read about who die a week before their retirement starts, but I am praising the Lord that He had OTHER plans for me than that! 🤣




By Don Cobb, Founder at ~ (November 15, 202/edited March 6, 2022)

Americans think a lot of things, which, while understandable, are completely inaccurate. One of those things is that our country is divided by race. It’s not. Leftist Politicians tell that story, and the Mainstream Media tries to convince us that “Americans are Racists”, but in Reality, those people are the Racists. That is the truth.

Granted, there is division in America, and there are politicians who have used race to stir racial tensions, but Whites and Blacks – and Browns and Reds and Yellows – have long ago resolved any race-related differences in America and work side-by-side, mentor one another, do business with each other and even marry, and that is why America has long been known as “The Melting Pot of the World”… and America is still the Melting Pot of the World.

So the division we’re experiencing has nothing to do with race. Another theory is that it is the Haves and the Have-Nots which divide the USA, but that’s not true either. No one has to remain a ‘Have-Not’ in the United States, even if they were raised in utter poverty. America is still the Land of Opportunity and every person of every color and every background can find success here if they’re willing to work hard for it or if they have a good idea.

So, if it’s not race or rich/poor that divides our nation, then what is it? I believe it is principles vs no principles which separate Americans into two camps, which I define as the Godly and the Ungodly.

The United States of America is divided into people who practice principles, and those who do not practice principles – two distinct sociological groups now, more commonly known as “Conservatives” and “Liberals”, and broken down as “Those who tend to believe in God (Godly), who have a moral foundation, a Spiritual reference (the Bible and/or Torah) and who practice principles”, and “Those who reject God and/or the idea of God (Ungodly), who appear to have no real or vested interest and/or no understanding of/in principles, truth, morals or ethics, at all or to varying degrees”.

Let me explain. People who believe in God, I call them “Godly”, and in particular Christian Americans, typically have a moral anchor – the Bible. Jewish Americans have the Torah and both contain clear moral instructions and stories and parables which reflect the value of practicing principles like the Golden Rule, Honesty, Faith, Humility, Perseverance, Forgiveness, Grace, Love and Acceptance.  Practiced to varying degrees by Godly people from person to person, an identified Moral Anchor is foundational to establish and maintain a civilized society like ours.

Laws are typically borne around the behaviors of those who refuse to practice principles, not so much in Americans’ private lives, but in our business lives. Generally speaking, our personal lives are governed by creeds/laws which support the idea that we are to “Do no harm” to one another, and business is generally governed by government-created laws.

Honesty, while seemingly uncommon in some fields, such as politics and the practice of law, has been the root of the creation of many laws which punish Americans for refusing to practice Honesty. Lying about product performance, ingredients and making false promises about your product(s) are common. If your product claims to grow hair and it doesn’t grow hair, you’re going to find yourself facing lawsuits and/or financial judgements against you for making claims which are not true.

For the new album “TETELESTI” by Don Cobb, click on photo

In personal relationships and politics, however, many people will put up with a dishonest partner or Politician, for a plethora of reasons. No one can sue another person for lying when the relationship is personal, not business, and Americans have gotten used to the idea that Politicians (men & women) lie, using the lie “That’s just how Politicians/men/women are.” Well, perhaps today that certainly seems to be true, but if we, the people, didn’t put up with dishonest Politicians and/or partners, that wouldn’t be true.

But when it comes to business, there have long been laws against dishonesty, against false advertising, against propaganda and against not providing services promised and paid for.

Now, however, the wealthy Globalist families (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bilderberg Group members, New World Order (NWO) who control so much now, including the United Nations, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, the American Mainstream Media, the Democrat Party, virtually all global banks, food services and Big Tech corporations, the NWO Cartel now have many people working for them inside the American government who obediently do as they are told and are surely paid handsomely for this betrayal of their own country. Since the NWO have purchased virtually every major essential business in America, laws don’t seem to apply anymore – not to them, anyway.

Propaganda is legal again, thanks to Barack Obama who chose to let the law against propaganda expire in 2013. That act was intentional, and we are seeing the result of Obama’s legalization of propaganda right now on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and MSNBC, who today, do little more than generate and broadcast leftwing extremist terrorism and propaganda which pushes a New World Order Communist (selling it as “Socialism” but it is “Communism”) 24/7, 365 days a year. We can thank Obama for that, and we can blame ourselves for not rising up when Propaganda was essentially legalized again.

For your copy of the book “12 Steps: NOT For Dummies” email Don at

But now you know what all the division is about. It’s not about race, or ‘Haves vs Have Nots’. It’s not about ‘Democrats vs. Republicans’ or ‘rich vs poor’. It’s about those who practice Godly Principles vs. those who practice NO Principles.

People of faith and hope and courage, who believe in Honesty and God and the American Spirit, tend to practice Love and patience and tolerance, to varying and/or the best of their abilities. I’m referring mainly to the vast majority of Americans, many of whom are Spirit-filled Patriots who share a love of God and a strong spirit of patriotism for their country, the most incredible nation in the history of the world, this “Melting Pot of the World”, “the Land of Opportunity”, this amazing Constitutional Republic, the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth which stands alone as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the entire world.

On the other hand, the Ungodly folks don’t appear to care about what it actually true, or what is morally right or ethical. This divide is about Godly People who have been flocking here for 250 years vs. Ungodly People who practice few or none of those principles and have few, if any, of those qualities themselves. These (oftentimes delusional) Americans tend to stand for nothing, and so, they fall for anything; they are easy to scare, easy to lie to, and easy to manipulate, and they allow their TV’s to tell them what to think, who to hate and what to believe… and they obey their TV’s.

Far more often, it is the Ungodly who fall for lies, for manipulation, for BS stories that the NWO Cartel Propaganda Media calls true, for those people have no Moral Anchor or Spiritual discernment and tend not to be committed to good morals or good ethics, and in fact, are oftentimes incapable of being honest with themselves or even seeing or hearing the truth. They generally live with a “anything goes, as long as I don’t get caught” attitude, which is why so many of these unprincipled individuals get caught up in such abhorrent immoral and criminal behavior, including Pedophilia and as leaders, oftentimes become corrupt and untrustworthy.

In short, these Ungodly/unprincipled Politicians are, oftentimes, Liars who are not fit to be American leaders. We see it every day now, in Congress, as these folks are literally destroying the United States of America, using “as long as I don’t get caught” as their excuse to rationalize their crimes and crimes against their own nation. 

It’s relatively easy to identify the Ungodly/unprincipled people. Those who lie casually, who are not interested in what is actually true, who tend to be filled with Hate for others and Hate for their own country; these are the hallmarks of unprincipled (Ungodly) people.

More coming…

New Don Cobb single “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!”

Click photo for Don’s new single released on 3/16/2020 “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!”

Don just released his new LIVE single of “Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray!, a timely release, to be sure, given the state of affairs in our precious nation right now. Click here to get a copy.

Recorded at The Light Concert House (RIP) by Don’s band TETELESTI, the song is a call to prayer for a nation who needs – and has always needed – heartfelt prayer right now, and now, more than ever.


It’s not just the most famous word every spoken*… it’s the most fun and progressive Christian Rock/Pop band ever to come out of Sebastopol, California, in the heart of Wine Country – Northern California… and DON COBB just dropped his first solo album, entitled TETELESTI.

Don Cobb‘s new album “Tetelesti“ was released on 1/25/2020.

TETELESTI® was founded by singer/songwriter/guitarist DON COBB in 1999. With unbridled passion for the freedom and love which comes with a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Don hasn’t wavered a single day on this path that the Lord has laid out for him. Don has been playing in original Rock/Pop bands since he was 14 years old, writing, recording, playing live and producing original music non-stop, all this time, and when the Lord blessed Don with the inspiration for his band TETELESTI®, the music poured in and out of Don without ceasing!

Estela and Don of California rockers TETELESTI

Music is just in me. God has been blessing me with original songs that just show up in my head, full blown sometimes, fully orchestrated with full band arrangements, all at once – BAM! There it is! MY job is to write it down, record it as quickly as I get it so that I don’t lose that inspiration!” says Cobb.

Don and Estela and TETELESTI® are currently producing 5 albums of original Rock and Pop songs, disrupted by a Stage 4 Throat Cancer diagnosis in 2012 and several other Life happenings since then. Currently with “…the love of my life”, Estela, Don is making up for lost time, with his first solo album released on January 25th, 2020.

Don currently serves as Contemporary Music Director at the Presbyterian Church of Novato and leads Christian Rock band TETELESTI and a secular Rock band called MOONSHINE ROAD, both out of – you guessed it – Sebastopol, California.

Don’s new album TETELESTI® will be available all over the internet since it has now been released!

*”Tetelesti!®” – pronounced ‘Tuh-TELL-est-eye’ – is the last thing Jesus Christ said before he gave up His life on the cross. An Aramaic term, Tetelesti means “It is finished!” Now you know!

Tetelesti ® All songs © Don Cobb 1999-2020 Don Cobb Music

RGM Graduation 2019 Coming Up!

The annual Redwood Gospel Mission Big Graduation ceremony is coming up on May 4th, 2019! Held at Sant Rosa Bible Church on Badger Road in Santa Rosa, I’m grateful to announce that my band the STRAIGHT UP PRAISE BAND is opening and closing the event with rockin’, joyful praise for what the Lord has done for all of us!

Come and join me and hundreds of our friends as we celebrate as countless men and women, all graduates of RGM’s NEW LIFE RECOVERY PROGRAM, walk the stage and pick up their certificates – lives made new in Christ!

We look forward to seeing you there, singing your hearts out and praising the Lord for setting all of these graduates free this year!

“Estela (I Love That Girl)”

I just checked the date on my “About Leading” post and I was falling in love as I wrote that! I didn’t know I was falling in love or that we were falling in love but that’s exactly what was going on at that time.

Yes – and her name is Estela and just when I had resigned myself to the single life, God brought my sweet Estela to me… on Facebook, of all places!

The funny thing is we both grew up in Sebastopol, California, and I went to school with her sister, but we had never met! Sebastopol is a little town much like Mayberry RFD so we all knew each other and we knew each other‘s brothers and sisters and it’s a miracle that my path did not cross Estela‘s path at some point along the way!

With that all said, we are now madly in love! I was determined to set my bar high and I did, and the Lord brought my sweet Estela! This sweet child of God, this fellow Lover of the Lord met that high bar and set a new, even HIGHER bar! She just stole my heart in a big, big way and my life will never be the same! Thank you Jesus!

As far as the title of this article is concerned, that’s the name of a new song I’ve written for my sweet, smart, magnificent and beautiful Estela.  I’ve already begun recording it and I’ll be releasing it soon! ❤️♥️☝🏻🙏🏻🖐🏻🤚🏻








Speaking Boldly…

I praise God for all of the humble and quiet men who walk calmly in the kingdom of God but I cannot be one of the quiet men, and I will not be quiet. The Lord calls some of us to be bold and courageous, to be anxious about nothing and I can feel the tension when I speak up about things sometimes, but unless I feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit, I keep speaking boldly, that which I believe needs to be said. Do I cross the line sometimes – of course, and I’ll delete those remarks from social media, but I refuse to stop speaking boldly about those things which I know, in my heart of hearts, truly need to be said.

I told Him early on “Send me Lord, send me” and He does exactly that. As we watch the intentional moral decay of our great land and the ongoing and  ruthless attack on the American Family and all that good Americans stand for, I will stand with my brothers and sisters of courage against those powers and principalities of darkness and I will not be shouted down or chased off or shut up by those that, if they truly knew better, would surely do better.

We are entering a season which calls for men and women of courage to stand up against evil, for if not now, then when? And if not me, then who? It will be me and all who feel called to stand our ground against darkness and Evil, for our children’s and our grandchildren’s sake, and ultimately for His sake and for His Kingdom’s sake.

The time draws near that our character will be called into question – all of us – and I pray we’ll have not been lukewarm as we walked this path in the Life we have all been blessed with.


Straight Up Praise Band

What an honor and a privilege and what JOY I get out of leading this amazing band every Friday night with the sweet and talented musicians the Lord has gathered together, that we call the “Straight Up Praise Band”! That’s because everyone rocks their instruments and everyone gives their all for Jesus and it SHOWS!

We do practically every style music in America, from Rock to Pop to Blues and… we’ll, that’s about it! LOL A little Country, a hint of Jazz but my favorite is straight up rockin’ PRAISE for the Lord, for all He’s done for us all – setting us FREE from the addictions, hurt’s, habits and hangups from which so many people suffer! Not us! Not anymore, anyway.

Gods way works, that’s for sure! CR is a worldwide group of proof of that fact!


My website is designed to support, encourage and train up Worship Leaders, whether you are new to the platform or even if you’ve been leading worship for years. This is an opportunity to take your own inventory around what you’re doing on that platform, why you’re there and how you’re going to conduct yourself moving forward.

I’ve poured 20 years of Praise and Worship experience and I’m pouring it into every article, every line, every word I write at!

If you want to bring your best for Jesus, check out and before you do, get prayed up first! May God bless you for your service and may you be a blessing to your church for bringing your best for Jesus and leading your congregation in praising and worshiping Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!